About this Blog

Welcome to my blog about emerging technologies for organizations!

This blog is an assignment for MCGR 331, also known as Information Systems. It is a course offered at McGill students and is a requirement of all students in the faculty of Management.

I hope you enjoy my blog and maybe even learn a thing or two!



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6 Responses to “About this Blog”

  1. 1 emergingtechnology

    What a great blog!

  2. 2 Daniel

    Hi … Good blog, nice design and concept.

    You’re on my feedlist, were only sites like Engadet qualifies 🙂

    If you also do it more of and techno-business site this is a dream site for me.

    Keep up the good work
    Daniel Kristensson

    Master Thesis Student in Business Development
    Center for Business Innovation @ Chalmers Uiversity of Technology

  3. 3 Daniel

    The next technology could be ZigBee … just an idea

  4. 4 hank

    i agree!

  5. 5 al

    me too!

  6. 6 andres

    i did learn something! thanks
    nice blog, and well designed.

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